Cooking with Autism

Is your life touched by Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Are you a…

  • Teacher looking for ready-to-use program materials?
  • Parent eager to teach your son or daughter how to cook?
  • Service provider running group programs?
  • Group home worker teaching cooking and good nutrition?
  • Someone with special needs learning to cook?
  • Support worker trying to instill some independence?
  • Job coach teaching employment skills?
  • Friend or relative looking for the right gift?
  • Librarian selecting materials for patrons dealing with disabilities in their own lives or the lives of others?
  • Sibling looking for activities to share with your brother or sister?

Then Coach in the Kitchen is ideal for you. And there’s nothing else like it. Anywhere.


Mini Pizza

Workshops and Information Sessions

Our president, Penny Gill, has been giving presentations in the field of autism for many years across Canada and in the United States.  Penny’s current presentation is titled Teaching People with Autism to Cook Really Well for Jobs, Health & Friendship.

This two-hour talk deals with challenges that typically arise when teaching people with autism to cook — fine and gross motor challenges, sensory challenges, and the challenges of processing information and following directions.  Penny sets out techniques to overcome these difficulties for adolescents and adults, as well as for children — techniques we have used with success in our cooking school.

She shares methods to help poor eaters improve eating habits, and elaborates on strategies for social-communication development that can easily be incorporated into the experiences of cooking and eating together.  A range of employment opportunities in the food industry is also explored.

To arrange for this presentation in your area, contact us using the information on the Contact Us page.

Coach in the Kitchen is a one-of-a-kind cookbook, designed for those who need extra help in the kitchen.

  • 290 pages of task-analysed recipes – broken into small steps, expressed in simple clear terms.
  • This cookbook makes explicit everything that chefs with special needs require for success in the kitchen
  • Delicious meals your whole family can enjoy.
  • Instructions suitable for a wide range of learning styles.
  • Triple-tested by students and their coaches in the cooking school we’ve run since 2002.
  • For teens and adults with Aspergers and other forms of autism, these recipes are designed to be clear and easy to follow.
  • Although specially developed for those with Aspergers and other forms of autism, the cookbook is perfect for anyone learning to cook – whether or not they have special needs.

Learn more about this cookbook and these unique recipes.

About Us: Autism/PDD Family Alliance

  • Autism/PDD Family Alliance began serving the needs of teenagers and adults with Aspergers and other forms of Autism Spectrum Disorder through innovative services in 2001 – offering programs designed for these individuals and their unique learning styles.
  • As a registered charity, AFA operates through a dedicated group of volunteers, who pride themselves on the fact that all funds raised by the charity go directly to services, not to overhead or administration.
  • Since 2002 AFA has operated a Cooking School for its target population, using a team of skilled cooking coaches to work with students in a one-to-one ratio. Over the years the School has developed hundreds of task-analysed recipes for students with autism, uniquely adapted for their skills and challenges.

We invite you to learn more about our Charity and our cookbook, Coach in the Kitchen, and explore the amazing successes of our student chefs.

Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes

AFA’s Cooking School

Our cooking school is featured in an on-line news article at:

  • AFA’s cooking school is a unique program designed to meet the needs of high-functioning individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
  • Operated in a specially designed kitchen, the classes accommodate four students and their one-on-one coaches for 8-week sessions.
  • The school has been operating since 2002, with measurable success for a wide range of learning styles.
  • Each class culminates in a full-course meal shared by students and coaches, where students are assisted and encouraged to develop social skills in a natural dining room environment.
  • Learn more about this program, and how it might be adapted for your community.