Autism Cooking School

Our cooking school for people with Aspergers and other forms of Autism Spectrum Disorder began in 2002 to provide top-quality instruction for adults and adolescents on the spectrum.

Watch the video below to see “Coach in the Kitchen” in action!

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Cooking School

We use intensive teaching methods to raise our students’ cooking abilities to impressive levels. It is no exaggeration to say that our students learn to cook far better than members of the general population. They prepare meals that are on the high-end of home cooking, and they can display this skill wherever they reside—whether in the family home or in an assisted-living arrangement. Some of our students have even found work preparing food in restaurants.

The service model engendering this success is different than what’s usually offered in adult services. We employ a one-on-one teacher-to-student ratio. Our teachers (or cooking coaches, as we call them) all have had prior, verifiably successful experience working with individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder before they join us.  We give them additional training specific to our cooking program, and provide opportunities to attend courses at the Geneva Centre in Toronto, a top-notch educator in all aspects of Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Beyond teaching our students how to cook really well, we use non-coercive strategies to help them overcome unhealthy eating habits.

Our cooking classes always culminate in shared meals, where conversation and social skills are cultivated.

Our cooking students at end of class

Our cooking students at end of class

News of our cooking school has spread fast.  Because we operate on a modest scale (aiming to teach small numbers of students well, rather than many students thinly), we don’t have enough space for everyone who’d like to come to our school.

What is the solution to the high demand for our service? Simple:  a cookbook of our specially-designed recipes to help people everywhere learn to cook well, whether they have autism or any other challenging condition.

In the cookbook we’ve also set out step by step how to run cooking classes just like ours.  Now anyone with a kitchen and the determination to help people with autism have better lives can teach them how to cook really well.

To learn how to purchase our cookbook and instructional manual, click here.

Last Friday night Katie prepared dinner for us. She made the Fusilli, Cheese, Tomato Casserole. She saw the salad recipe for her next class and wanted to prepare this as well. They were both fantastic. She did a wonderful job and, best of all, she thoroughly enjoyed cooking and eating this culinary feast.

She loved the salad and I could never get her to eat salad before. I hope you don’t mind that she has kitchen tested this recipe ahead of class. She was so proud. Doesn’t this just tell you how successful your classes are? I can’t tell you enough.

One Proud Mom,
Dianne Hickey
Flamborough, Ontario